Just before the cataclysmic year that was 2020 came to a close – a year in which my work as a documentary family photographer and film maker came to a virtual halt due to Covid 19 and work as a London branding and business photographer and film maker was short – I was asked to do an interview with FujiLove Magazine.

I changed over all my photographic kit to Fiji at the end of 2019 having worked with Nikon gear from my training days in the 1990s. The clincher for me was the weight and size of a mirrorless set up compared with my full frame cameras. And after dabbling with Fuji as my go-to for personal work due to its lightweight nature (no one wants to lug a full frame camera around on a. family day trip with two young children, a rucksack just for snacks, spare clothes for puddle incidents etc etc believe me) and seeing just how good the quality of the end photos were, I took the leap, sold up my Nikons and funded a whole new Fuji set up – something which I became ever increasingly grateful for as I progressed into film making as well as photographer (the film making qualities of the Fuji XT3 are superb!).

2020 didn’t give as much scope to put the Fujis through their paces with family photography for sure, but I did have the good fortune to film some fabulous London artists during the year as well as photograph them – and of course if 2020 wasn’t the year to indulge in personal introspective projects, I don’t know what was.

If you’d like to read more about my journey in photography and with Fuji, you can read the full interview below.