Images from my Fragments series are currently on show at Bias in Malton.

The Monoliths and Traces images are taken from the sculptural photobook Fragments which explores metamorphic and abstracted memories of the seascape. Fragments was produced as a limited edition handmade photographic sculptural book, presented as a sculptural map that unfolds to reveal and obscure fragmented imagery unrestricted by geographic boundaries or temporal chronology, that continuously shift as the viewer moves through it, much in the way that the seascape itself and time are in constant flux.

In the Monoliths, objects are collected from the shoreline and photographed in the studio: out of context and without frame of reference, the title implying size, scale and historical permanence that does not reflect the true nature of the original object, enabling the objects to take on totemic significance as memory placeholders. Taken with a large format analogue camera, the images are sustainably developed using homemade seaweed developer, not only minimising the chemical footprint of the development process but imbibing the final image with its original location.

With Traces 35mm negative film is ‘souped’ in seawater before developing with seaweed developer or objects and artefacts from the seascape are places directly onto undeveloped or rejected large format negatives, steeped in seawater, leaving their salty trace and that of the sea on the final image.