What is a documentary family photography session really like?|Why a documentary family photo session is the easiest photo session you’ll ever do and captures the real you |A North Yorkshire documentary family photographer takes you behind the scenes.

Ever wondered what a documentary family photography session is really like? Curious about what a documentary family photography session even is? How is a documentary session different from a normal family phoography session? Are you worried that your family isn’t ‘interesting’ enough or you wouldn’t be sparkling enough as a family to make interesting images on a day in the life family photography session in your own home? Or concerned that your home is just too small or too messy or too dark or too ‘not-yet-finished’ to have an in-home session with family photographer?

Well I can not only tell you that every family is interesting enough and special enough just doing the regular stuff you do as a family for amazing documentary-style family photographs – that just being you is enough to capture all the connection and interactions that tell your family story and that no home is too small, too dingy or too cluttered – but I can show you as well! 

This little film will show you behind the scenes on a recent documentary family photography session. Filmed in South London, although I’m now based in Malton, in North Yorkshire, you’ll see washing hanging in the tiny bathroom, kids jumping about on beds, bursting in with nerf guns and piling toys into the bath, rolling about on beds and sofas and making ‘music’. Just all the ordinary stuff families get up to on an average day together. Nothing special. Nothing planned. No poses or awkward grins. Just natural personal personalities, interactions and connections captured on camera as they happen – documentary-style beautiful natural family photos.

You’ll also see me doing what I do – chatting to the people I’m photographing, creeping into bathrooms to capture professional candid photos of children giggling and up to mischief, choosing the interesting angle or composition to preserve the memory. And you’ll see some of the end images that I took during the in-home session and I hope you’ll agree that an in-home documentary family photo session – unscripted and organic – produces gorgeous images that your family will treasure for years to come.

With the hint of spring in the air and summer just over the hill, my books are starting to fill up for family photo sessions – especially for families wanting to take advantage of warmer weather and book an outdoor session. If you’re considering a family photo session this year in Yorkshire to update your family album with natural, relaxed and real photos of you and your family, do get in touch soon to avoid disappointment.

candid portrait of a young girl playing with a puzzle toy with window light on her face North Yorkshire
Two children sucking their thumbs natural family photography North Yorkshire
two children play fighting in their bedroom natural documentary style family photography Yorkshire
mother holding her young daughter who is sucking her thumb natural family portrait Yorkshire

Exploring deep seated memories of landscape with watercolour artist Ione Harrison | North Yorkshire branding photographer & filmmaker

Kirbymoorside watercolour artist portrait in her studio

I first met Ione through the fabulous and inaugural Ryedale Open Studios in 2021 – me newly moved to the area and keen to meet other artists in the area. I fell in love with her stunning paintings over Instagram – a true example fo the power of social media to connect and to reveal art that really speaks to you.

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Coast to Coast | November | North Yorkshire Artist & Photographer

Twelve months ago I had this idea, after a year of challenge, to bring together different perspectives around the globe with a uniting theme of the sea. Starting on 31st December 2020 after what can only be described as a challenging year for everyone, the sea and the horizon was a beacon of hope as we inched into 2021. 2021 by no means brought the return to normal that we’d hoped for and we’re ending the year with yet another new variant on the horizon.

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Coast to Coast | October | North Yorkshire photographic artist

As my project on The Strandline has evolved, I’ve been doing a lot of research into other artists and creatives who are drawn to the sea but also to wild places as well as looking at how our connection to place is informed by our memories and associations with a place. These layers all overlap to give us a unique perspective on places that mean something to us.

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Coast to Coast |September | North Yorkshire Artist

September has been a funny old month in which I’ve not picked up my camera much. The end of August was a flurry of activity preparing for my installation of my project The Strandline, exploring the metaphorical mark left by the sea, as part of Ryedale Open Studios. And then there was a hiatus while the children went back to school and re-settled in, and I took a break to get stuck into some further research.

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Coast to Coast | Sandsend & Dolphins! | North Yorkshire Photographer

After a flurry of activity getting some big assignments in for my Masters course I confess I’ve barely picked up a camera in August. My focus has been on my installation of my work in progress on the project The Strandline, which took place in my studio as part of the Ryedale Open Studios over the summer. You can read more about my installation at the open studios here.

But I couldn’t resist some phone pictures on a recent trip with my children to Sandsend near Whitby in North Yorkshire – which now I’ve moved north to Malton is just a stone’s throw away.

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Coast to coast | July | North Yorkshire photographer

I’ve probably been to the coast more times in the last six weeks since I moved to Malton than I have for the last six months. It’s so much more accessible; there’s so many fantastic beaches and coves to explore and swim in; and I’ve been spurred on my the impending assignment deadline for my Photography MA to show a work in progress portfolio on my project The Strandline.

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