Madonna and Child: Images of Modern Day Motherhood

Mother looks at son standing in cot documentary child portrait

Images of motherhood abound and always have done even before the days of family photography – even before the advent of photography at all paintings depicted the Madonna and Child, and before that artists carved stone and wooden carvings and before that even cave paintings depicted the mother goddess and her children. In mainstream media photos of mothers and motherhood can often focus on stereotypes and these can be perpetuated with images or perfection and family bliss on Instagram and social media. I’ve been delving behind these stereotypes both in my work as a family photographer focusing on more natural and real images of mothers – and fathers and children – and in my personal project work. My exhibition on Motherhood and Identity opens on Mother’s Day at On the Hoof in Sydenham and will be available to view for the whole of April, exploring and sharing stories of real mothers as their sense of identity adjusts to being a parent.

As Mother’s Day approaches I also wanted to bring together a wider collection of work looking at photos of real motherhood that I’ve collated from my work photographing families in London.

Madonna and Child: Images of Modern Day Motherhood.

Maternity photoshoot Wimbledon

Mother makes a cup of tea while holding newborn baby natural portrait London

Natural portrait of breastfeeding mother at home in Blackheath

mother breastfeeds her baby daughter on sofa at home in Blackheath

maternity photography London

mother and daughter enjoy reading on the sofa Blackheath family portrait

mother and son giggle over lunch at the kitchen table London family portrait

mother and children on their sofa at home family portrait

Mother looks at son standing in cot documentary child portrait

Mother sits with her daughter in the poppies Hall Place Bexley

Mother plays with her sons at home in London environmental portrait

Mtehr and sons at their home in London

deaf mother signs her daughter's name documentary portrait London

mother and son with downs syndrome sit on back step documentary portrait

Mother bottle feeds baby on sofa Forest Hill

documentary family photo session Horniman Gardens

son holds onto mum's leg. Mum holds younger daughter with I love mummy socks. Horniman Gardens

toddler waits for mum to finish washing up documentary family photos London

mother cuddles toddler documentary photo

Mother tends to sick child Sydenham

mother and children laughing on sofa Forest Hill

mother and baby on sofa natural photo

Horniman gardens natural photo mother follows daughter

Clapham natural family photos child kissing mother

documentary family photo session Clapham - mother dresses child

Mother and son laughing as they paint crafts. natural photo Clapham

Beautiful toddler natural photo London

black and white mother and child photo in blackheath

Mother and child London image

Mother kissing top of toddler son's head Tooting

documentary mother brushing daughter's hair London

Happy mother and child natural photo

Mother and child photo London

black and white photo of mother and child at Rockwell park London

mother and child cuddling Brockwell park

mother and child in Greenwich park photo session

newborn baby and mother photo session

Mother and child photo session - child kissing bump

Pregnant mother photo black and white London

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