Brothers Jay and Zak were absolutely full of beans when I went to photograph them at their flat in Sydenham. Sometimes people worry they don’t have the space or their house is too cluttered for a family photography session in their home. I think that’s nonsense – it’s the clutter that helps tell the story of who you are as a family. Your home is where you spend a large proportion of your time – it should be part of the picture. As a Sydenham lifestyle family photographer, everyone wants to get out into Crystal Palace Park or Sydenham Wells Park for family photography, but I love the ones that are at home where I can really get to know my subjects. There’s nothing like a child inviting you into their world and showing you their toys – their faces simply light up with enthusiasm.

That’s exactly how Jay and Zak were. They absolutely loved bouncing around on the sofa, playing with their trains and having car races with me and we got some great photographs of the brothers having fun together – all taken in the one room.