I first met Lynne at a ‘second time around mothers club’ just after we’d both had our second child. Those first few months of being a mum of two – the club was a lifeline every week to just meet up, drink coffee and eat cake while commiserating how much we’d forgotten about sleep deprivation. As the children grew up and we all gravitated back to work the club petered out and we meet less and less. So it was so lovely to get the call from Lynne to say she wanted a natural family photography session in London as it meant I got to see how much little Robyn has grown and meet the rest of the family too!

Robyn has grown into such a happy sparky little girl in the last three years and clearly dotes on her big brother Oscar. The pair of them ripped around Crystal Palace Park on their scooters, feeding the ducks, climbing ‘mountains’ and generally having a great time. Even when she was knocked over briefly by a boisterous dog she was no sooner dusted down than she’d made friends with the pooch and wanted to take him home!

I’m told Oscar was a little nervous about having his photo taken but, in perhaps the best endorsement I could wish for, he exclaimed halfway through the session “This isn’t like having your school photos taken AT ALL! It’s just running around and playing and being me. This is FUN!”