fine art photography condensation on a window with abstract colours behind

exploring themes of identity & place 


My personal art focuses on and explores themes of identity, of both people and places.

The sounds and textures and ambience of what makes up a place; the atmosphere and feeling and objects that leave their impression on a home when unoccupied by its inhabitants; the faces we wear everyday at home and in public that make up the multi-faceted identities of our self; what bonds us through the shared experiences of life yet are experienced uniquely and specifically nuanced on an individual level; how life’s milestones impact on and mould our identity.

As an artist my work has received a number of accolades including being a winner in the renowned Portrait of Britain 2020 and being published by legendary portrait photographer Rankin in his This is Britain collection. My work has also been featured in a number of high profile exhibitions including my solo exhibition Motherhood and Identity.

My fine art photographic prints are available to buy as limited edition prints 


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