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Madonna and Child: Images of Modern Day Motherhood

Mother looks at son standing in cot documentary child portrait

Images of motherhood abound and always have done even before the days of family photography – even before the advent of photography at all paintings depicted the Madonna and Child, and before that artists carved stone and wooden carvings and

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The light through my window

best documentary family photographer

I’m not sure why Ive been drawn to windows recently. Perhaps it’s the blurred abstract shapes obscured by morning condensation, or night time rain, the lights and shapes and objects merging and reflecting and dispersing that evokes a somewhat somnambulant

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The Sea, The Sea …

Best London documentary photographer

I have always been drawn to the sea. I realise I sound a little like Moana when I say that but I’m not about to sail off on a quest to deliver the heart of some magical mythical being becoming

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Home: The Devil is in the Detail

In home documentary family photography details session

What makes a home a home? It’s said it’s where the heart is. If a home is the people in it, is it still home when the people are absent? What makes a house more than just accommodation? What makes

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Stories of Modern Motherhood. Motherhood and Identity: Tattooed Mamas – Breaking the Taboo

South London motherhood portrait photography

Becoming a mother is a momentous event in any woman’s life and for many can overhaul their entire perception of self and identity. So much of our sense of self and how we previously identified ourselves is tied up in

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