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Me in the Huffington Post

South London documentary family photographer Forest Hill

A round up of my recent articles in the Huffington Post in case you missed them! Ever wondered how to look great in photos? Here are my top tips. Not a natural in front of the camera? How to have

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How to use you phone camera like a pro!

London documentary family photographer Crystal Palace

Lugging a great big camera around can be tiring and even I, as a London lifestyle and documentary family photographer, don’t have a ‘proper’ camera on me at all times. The best camera you have is always the one you

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Mums in the frame: are you pictured in your children’s memories?

South London lifestyle baby photography

When your children look back on their family photos, will you be in them? Or have you always been the photographer? Or have you always just avoided the camera because you don’t like having your picture taken? I’m as guilty

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How to take great photos on holiday

London family photographer Greenwich

Ah summer holidays – the sun, the sea, the days of relaxation stretching out in front of you .. the wrestling the suncream and hats onto the sandy kids … the melted ice creams … the sandy sandwiches … If

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How to find the right photographer for you?

South London family photographer Greenwich

So many photographers, so little time! Choosing a family photographer can seem a bit overwhelming when you realise just how many there are out there. You’ve decided you want to have some family photos taken, but where do you start

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How to have your photo taken when you’re camera shy!

South London maternity photography Wimbledon

So you’d really like some lovely family photos together – all having fun, enjoying family time. Photos that include you! But you HATE having your photo taken right? So what do you do? Well first of all it’s very common

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How to look good in photos

South London natural lifestyle maternity photography Wimbledon

We’ve all had photos we’d rather burn than show anyone and we’ve all had ones where we look great! Chances are you don’t know how to recreate the great ones with any degree of accuracy! As a London family photographer

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Before you held them in your arms, you held them in your heart …

children on a beach - rachel rimell south london family photographer

With Mother’s Day just past, I hope all mums were made to feel just a little bit special for all that they do for their children – whatever their age. I remember my first ever Mother’s Day – I’d just

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Let’s not damn dads with over praise … and get mum’s in the frame for Mother’s Day

A few days ago someone I saw someone complaining about how her mother-in-law was heaping praise on her husband for a simple ‘father task’ like bathing the baby, while she solo parents the rest of the week with no praise

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How to choose the right – and safe – newborn photographer for you

Choosing a photographer can be daunting – for a start there are lots to choose from plus the prices can vary wildly as well as all the different styles. Do you want lifestyle or posed? Natural light or studio lights?

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